Susanna Aleksandra is an Estonian jazz singer, lyricist and composer. Passionate for languages, she effortlessly plays with words and melodies, navigating through traditional, Nordic and Latin Jazz. A natural storyteller, the charismatic singer holds the listener spellbound, making jazz approachable not only for jazz lovers.

Susanna is currently based in Helsinki where she studies jazz music in the prestigious Sibelius Academy. In 2017 she released the soul jazz inspired single Golden Boy in cooperation with Finnish musicians. In 2016 she appeared on the album Estonian Evergreens with the Lutz Krajenski Big Band. Her debut album Miracles consisting of her original music was released in 2015.

Susanna’s other passion besides music is languages. She holds a degree in French language and literature and is a fluent speaker of 6 languages. She loves to travel from place to place through music as well as communicating with the audience in their own language.

Susanna grew up in a family of musicians. She used to fall asleep with people jamming in the house, making jazz an essential part of her childhood. She started performing jazz classics with her band at the age of 17.